Capital Fieldhouse

Open play is happening at Capital Fieldhouse, 3575 Fairview Industrial Dr. NE Salem, Mon through Fri, 9am – 1pm. Please check TeamReach messaging and our calendar for changes and updates.

Cost: $10/day for drop-in play for non-members. Salem-Keizer Pickleball Club members get unlimited play at the Fieldhouse for a $30 monthly fee during the normal 9am – 1pm Mon – Fri playing hours. Our annual membership fee is $25, and memberships run from September through August. Annual memberships are not prorated.

Players and guests are currently asked to use hand sanitizer and be mindful that COVID is still among us and that you should stay home if you are not feeling well and let the club know if you test positive for COVID.

Construction is taking place at the Fieldhouse to update infrastructure as well as remodeling which includes a social area upstairs providing food and beverages. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the noise and minor disruptions during this time.